Exhibition: TUHAN-BARANAUSKAS Aleksandras

Heroically death for the independence of Lithuania.

Alexander Tuhan-Baranauskas was born in 1920 October 17 in Kaunas, belonged to the Scout Organization. Studied at the Upper Technical School in Kaunas. The Patriot of the Homeland Lithuania was a conscious life.

The Government Commissioner for the City of Vilnius and the institution’s fund, the lists of inhabitants of the Vilnius region arrested by the authorities of the USSR, etc. in the case (the chronological order of the case: 1939-10-22 – 20-09-09) is entered in No. 229 on the arrest of Alexander Tuhan-Baranauskas.

Basis: LCVA, f. 317, ap. 1, b. 14, l 134 1941 June 23 During the uprising at the Kaunas Yacht Club, a Soviet soldier was shot dead and killed by a hero at the Lithuanian National Flag.

Alexander Tuhan-Baranauskas was buried in the Tartar Cemetery near the Kaunas mosque. The cemetery in the Soviet years was destroyed by the establishment of the Ramybė park in its place. 2017 September 23 in Kaunas, Puodžių st. 14 on the memorial plaque unveiled on the house where Aleksander Tuhan-Baranauskas lived.


Adas Jakubauskas